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Stoma World Kenya together with the Colon Cancer Survivors Network was formed in August 2010 and is affiliated with the Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations.

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April 2020

I have attached a report submitted to Friends Of Ostomates Worldwide (Canada) from Stoma World Kenya. This is just one of the many countries we help to supply needed ostomy supplies.

We have been providing ostomy supplies to Stoma World since their inception. Going forward with your help we hope to be able to keep providing these precious ostomy supplies.

People who are living the ostomy experience and their family and friends are our volunteers who sort and pack these supplies.

As an ostomate myself for over thirty five years, I know that if I did not have these ostomy supplies I would not have been able to be a productive citizen all these years.

I think every time when I change my appliance, that it must be a challenge to have to live in a country where supplies are either non-existent or completely unaffordable for the average person.

Our goal with your help is to raise ten thousand dollars to enable us to ship supplies to Stoma World and other counties like Panama, Bolivia, in need of supplies in the not too distant future.

Please help us by going to our website and donate or by sending a cheque to our secretary Lorrie Pismenny 80 Snow St. suite 1101 Winnipeg MB R3T 0P8

I thank you on behalf of ostomates around the world.


Our Giving Tuesday Appeal

May 5, 2020, is designated Giving Tuesday during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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