Here is a listing of the current committees of the FOWC.

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Ian Story
Ian Story

Ian Story
Completed grade school and high school in Windsor, Ontario
2-year Management course at Windsor University
In the mid ’60s served 3 years with Canadian Guards
at CFB Petawawa and Ottawa
Spent the 70’s as a driver trainer with Valhora Transport in Windsor
In 1981 moved to Niagara Falls to open a transportation company for
RJ Franks Transport out of Alliston.
In 1982 did a three year Industrial Management course with Niagara
College in Welland, Ontario
1986 Exolon ESK in Horold, Ontario. Shift Supervisor to General Foreman
Was with them until the plant closed in 1996.
During the time of 1981 until 1984 was a member of Chippawa Lions Club as
recording Secretary. Had to resign as work kept me out of town.
Sat on Board of Directors for Social Planning Council in the city of
Niagara Falls.
Was also President of Niagara Help Center helping unemployed individuals
getting back into the workforce.
From 1996 until 2001 was a driver trainer for Travellers Transportation
in Brampton, Ontario. Came off the highway because of medical problems.
In 2001 had my ileostomy surgery.
At that time I started into locksmithing, retired in 2010 but have kept my fingers
into it since then. I still unlock cars for the different companies in the city.
Became a Legion member in 2015, originally in Chippawa but transferred to
Niagara Falls proper 2 years ago.
Lost my wife of a 38-year marriage because of an accident in St Lucia two
years ago.
Have three wonderful daughters, 9 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.
Nicole Kocajda, MBA, IIWCC, ISWA
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