Impact: Ukraine

So many are suffering in Ukraine as a result of the ongoing atrocities. Amongst those impacted are Ukrainians living with ostomies. For these individuals, war has severely impacted access to essential medical supplies.

We have been able to send 4 shipments of medical supplies to Ukraine so far in 2022 – 3 to Kyiv and 1 to Kharkiv (the latter in partnership with Medical Mercy Canada). These 4 shipments represent 240 cartons of ostomy products with a retail value of approx. $270,000 – products that volunteers distribute in Ukraine to ostomates in dire need. 

This impact would not be possible without the ostomy supplies donated by our many product partners and donors across Canada, and without your financial support to help us transport the products. 

Demand for ostomy supplies in Ukraine remains very real.  Please consider donating today to allow us to grow our impact further.

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