A little boy who needs ostomy bags

Thank You from Zimbabwe

This is a total of four pallets we have provided to this organization in Zimbabwe through two charities shipping medical and ostomy supplies:

  • Compassionate Resource Warehouse in Victoria BC
  • Memoministry.org in Thunder Bay ON

Aside from providing equipment to these organizations, we have sorted and packed and shipped over 30 pallets to these countries this year:

  • Kenya
  • Ukraine
  • Iran
  • Mexico

Email  dated November

Dear Lorne ,

Thank you so very much  for  your generosity in supplying us with ostomy and iliostomy bags.  

This will be life changing for a little boy we met in Zimbabwe and his mother Ellis,  The little boy whose name I have forgotten for the moment was generously given an operation last year  by a US Doctor. However,  since that date they have relied on plastic bags and make shift diapers to deal with the situation.   Where I would love to whisk him off to a hospital to finish the work necessary we can do what we can.      I am so grateful that you are going to play a role in his life with the donated bags as is Dell packing it all into our container. 

The little boy is always smiling and happy  despite the situation.    His smile will win your hearts.

Email dated Dec

Thank you to all for all the work put into getting the pallets to Thunder Bay. I really appreciate all the efforts and can hardly wait to see the joy and relief of the faces in Zimbabwe when I ask them to come and collect supplies.

My husband Frank had a colonoscopy a while back and w both had a new experience in the modern world and with all the bag conveniences.     When in Zimbabwe  I watch people with grubby plastic bags struggle to maintain dignity.   

What a lovely gift you have provided.  Hope and dignity!    

All being well we will be in Zimbabwe April  Frank stays 6 weeks and I 12 weeks.   We trust  the container will arrive  in May.  Then I will distribute.  Including Dr P. Thistle Karunda Mission Hospital.  

Again Thank You all.
Sue and Frank
Zimbabwe Gecko Society
  (see attached photo )   
Bless you both
Susan Janetti
Founder, Zimbabwe Gecko Society

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