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Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (Canada) has created and shared some videos that help to show how we have helped people living with an ostomy in developing countries.

Watch this video highlighting the new theme of Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (Canada) and the countries and people we help. Our theme is “Giving the Gift of Dignity“.

An Iranian ET teaching patients how to apply and use an ostomy appliance.

We sort and pack ostomy supplies and ship them to third-world countries. Here is a video from FOWC Pack Day – October 14, 2017

"To all members of FOWC, I am appreciative once again for the gift of ostomy supplies I received last year. It was indeed a great relief for me and my family members. May God almighty bless every member of your families".
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From an ostomate from Nigeria, that we helped in March 2020:
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